Protect the things you love

From your home to your car and everything in between, the things you own deserve to be protected. Get the home and auto coverage that goes all out for you.

Get an enhanced fan experience

You stand by your team. We stand by you. Maple Leafs Insurance Provided by Aviva has all the benefits of great home and auto insurance while getting you closer to the team you love with an enhanced fan experience.

Save up to $500*
Bundle home and auto insurance

Make your Maple Leafs Insurance experience even better. See how you can bundle and save money along the way. Our combined policy also enhances your line-up with extra value such as an additional $1 million in excess liability coverage.

Get coverage that goes all out

We’ve got your back. When you choose Maple Leafs Insurance provided by Aviva, you get reliable, comprehensive, customized coverage with competitive prices.

Protect your wheels and yourself

Get standard auto insurance that covers:

  • Injury, death or property damage to others
  • Healthcare costs
  • Loss of income for you or your family

Customize your policy with add-ons:

  • Comprehensive coverage: Safeguard against damage not caused by a collision, including theft, vandalism, falling objects and more
  • Collision protection: Protect your vehicle if it’s damaged in your first at-fault accident with this valuable add-on feature
  • Conviction protector: Avoid paying more for your auto insurance if you get a minor driving conviction, such as a speeding ticket
  • Accident forgiveness: Your auto insurance rate won’t go up after your first at-fault accident

Find ways to save:

  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) discount: Receive up to a 15% discount on eligible coverages if you own a vehicle fitted with a manufacturer-installed AEB system
  • Combined policy discount: Save up to $500* when you bundle your home and auto insurance
  • Conviction-free discount: Receive a 15% discount if all drivers of your vehicle have no driving convictions in the last three years
  • Multi-vehicle discount: You could save 15% if your household has more than one car insured together 
  • Disappearing deductible: After five years of claims-free driving, your deductible could be $0 with this optional feature

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Our claims service guarantee

Call us at 1 866 MYAVIVA (1 866 692 8482) to report a claim. When the unexpected happens, you can expect 24/7 support from our Claims Care Advisors to help you get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

We guarantee our claims service for your covered claim.

If you’re not happy with the claims service, and it can't be resolved, you will be refunded your entire premium for the year in addition to whatever settlement money you receive.

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Get the coverage that goes all out. Competitively-priced, comprehensive and customized coverage with a fan-focused experience.

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